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Vanna White Plastic Surgery Story

Vanna Marie Rosich was born on February 18, 1957 in Conway, South Carolina, she is a TV personality and a host. She kick started he career with the game show ‘Price Is Right’ and was also featured on Game Show Moments. She in 1980 got engaged to John Gibson, who about six years later died in a plane crash. Then in 1990 she married a restaurant owner George Santo Pietro and has two children a son and a daughter, and in 2002 they both separated. Later she got engaged to Michael Kaye, a businessman but they didn’t marry each other and she is suspected to be in a relationship with John Donaldson.She even has her own business related to crochet knitting and yarns namely “Vanna’s Choice.” Check Out Vanna White Plastic Surgery Before And After

Plastic surgery has become a common thing for artists and celebs to hide their skin flaws. The only aim to getting a plastic procedure done is just to add a few years to your skin. The method of hiding your true age, plastic procedure has been widely accepted as a survival technique for the old celebrities. Well, you can now see and hear about every other celebrity going under the knife to get a plastic procedure done. Taking Vanna into consideration we get to know that she has had the most accurate decision of going under the knife at the right moment. Her aesthetic beautiful looks has been enhanced more and that there’s probably no flaw that can be observed now. Even at this age she seems to be a young lady with just amazing and flawless looks. Let’s have an insight to her plastic procedures.

  1. Botox Injections: getting botox fillers has truly transformed her personality to a whole new level. Such level of competition finds celebs to get plastic procedures done. Vanna has acquired a completely new look and that her skin is just smooth and she has now been successful in redefining her age and attributes. Though there has been no clear approval of the same by her but we surely can make out by comparing her before and after pictures.
  2. Cheek Fillers: if you go on comparing her before and after pictures you will get to see that there is a subtle change in her cheeks. Her cheeks now look plump and much rounder unlike those of aged women. There is a new shape to her face and that it completely complements her looks and that her decision of getting a plastic procedure done at the very moment proved to be of extreme importance and that her selection of the correct doctor and medication proved to be good for her own cause.

Well, getting a plastic procedure done is not easy and that lots of courage and will power is needed while experimenting with your looks. Though, Vanna has had the plastic surgery gone all well and correct but it is important to have a view of what you are going to have and the authenticity of the doctor or surgeon. It is said that vanna decided to go for plastic surgery after seeing the  Ivanka Trump Before and After Pictures

Diet Plans

Miley Cyrus Secret Diet

Hey, guys ! how are you? First of all, Happy new year to you all. I am sure just like me, thousands of you must have taken new year resolution of dieting and working out. Well, I really appreciate the idea and I am here to help you out. So this one is especially for the girls out there. So today we will be talking about the health and fitness of another famous celebrity. She is very successful young women, who have proven to be a sensational singer also a dancer, an actress, and business women. Any guesses? Well, I am talking about none other than Miley Cyrus, also popular by her stage name Hanna Montanna.

For those who don’t know her well, just read the brief introduction. Miley Ray Cyrus (daughter of American cowboy singer Billy Ray Cyrus) is an American-born singing sensation. She was born in Tennessee, U.S. in the year 1992. Smiley Miley started her career at a very young age 9. She did some small roles in TV shows and Movies. Then out of nowhere, the young and talented teenager got a golden opportunity to star her very own TV show “Hannah Montanna”. The TV show premiered in the year 2006 and turned out to be a great success. That’s Actually how I first came to know about Miley. She was a real angel. Boys dreamed of her, girls loved her, parents adored her, I think she was a teenage dream girl but then things changed. Puberty Hit miley in the most mischevious ways and here she is now.

Miley is one of the most controversial female celebrity. Her weird sense of style and fashion is a real bust for her, but then the good looks make up for it. Miley looks really gorgeous and has an amazing figure. Her well sculpted and perfectly toned figure is a real charm to watch. Truly speaking I can’t take my eyes off her. Now coming back to the point of discussion, let talk about the secret behind that sexy body.
Frankly speaking its nothing new, just the old school idea of dieting and workout. So let’s sneak a peak into her strict workout routine and her well planned balanced diet. Here is the Miley Cyrus Vegan Diet

Miley Cyrus Diet Plan And Workout

Miley has been involved in a variety of workout like dancing, cycling, running but the main secret behind that gorgeous figure is pilates. She does pilates for hours, six days a week without any miss. This really helps to tone her abs and increase the abdominal muscle strength. This actually is a great process to carve the complete body into a perfect shape.


-Miley also takes good care of her diet. She just loved her abs and is really concerned about maintaining them. The first step she takes is to have well balanced and healthy diet.
-Now the recent change in her diet that has helped her to lose a fortune of weight is lactose and gluten free diet. (Don’t know what Gluten is? Don’t worry, I will tell you. Gluten is a type of protein that is very much responsible for obesity and weight gain for many people). This gluten free diet has really helped her to maintain her lean figure.
-Also, she has a strict list of food which she is allowed to eat and which she is not allowed to eat.

Look for a simpler diet plan take a look at the Top Celebrity Diet Plans And Workouts share these awesome diets with your friends as well.


How To Straight Your Hair Naturally

Many people love to have straight hair and want to have them. Unfortunately, use of tools such as chemical straighteners, iron may damage your hair, scalp and cause irritation. There are different options to straight your hair by natural products and using simple tools. These techniques will help you get straight hairs without damaging your hair.

  1. Using Hair Bands

First of all have a gentle shampoo and conditioner them with heavy duty conditioner to lock moisture. Avoid harsh shampoos as these can damage your hair.

Now remove excess moisture using a towel. Don’t rub your hair as it can cause breakage. Squeeze them with towel to dry your hair. Use a wider teeth comb so that you can detangle your hair. Follow up with fine toothed comb to smoothen your hair.

Divide your hair into two parts and make 2 pigtails. Try to keep them aside with your neck and secure them with elastic bands. Use elastic bands at every 3 inches. Don’t wrap bands tightly as it will make bumps in your hair. And cover your head with silk scarf. You can sleep overnight with that scarf on. While removing scarf, make sure to use wide teeth comb.

2) Hair Roller

Apply shampoo and conditioner on your head. Remove excess of moisture from your hair . Detangle your hair from wide toothed comb. Separate your hair with a tail comb into two equal parts. Use a roller at the ends of your hair. Roll them at the end of the scalp. Tick them with bobby pins to keep them at place. The roller weight will help you keep the hair straight.

Use dryer to dry your hair at low setting to prevent your hair from damage. Remove them once your hair gets dry. Don’t pull out the rollers as that will damage your hair. After removing them, use a detangling comb to avoid fluff up. Rub your hair with small amount of coconut oil equally to seal hair cuticle.

3. Milk Coconut Mask

First of all collect all the ingredients including coconut milk, olive oil, lemon juice, this mixture will help you having relax hair. If you have coloured hair, don’t mix lemon juice in the mixture, as it will fade your hair colour more quickly.

Take 1 cup coconut milk and 2 spoon of virgin olive oil in a pan and add 4 spoon of lemon with a slurry form, heat them up until the mixture thickens. Using fingers or brush apply the covering of it on your hair. Cover your hair with plastic wrap, which will relax your curls.

Use hairdryer at low to warm your hair. Use gentle shampoo with a conditioner to remove the mask. Use finer comb to detangle and stretch your hair. Detangle your hair from wide toothed comb. Separate your hair with a tail comb into two equal parts. Use a roller at the ends of your hair. Roll them at the end of the scalp. Tick them with bobby pins to keep them at place. The roller weight will help you keep the hair straight. Use dryer to dry your hair at low setting to prevent your hair from damage. Remove them once your hair gets dry. Don’t pull out the rollers as that will damage your hair. After removing them, use a detangling comb to avoid fluff up.

Diet Plans

Jennifer Lawrence Diet Secrets

Hey everyone ! its time for some more health and Top Diet Plans of celebrities. So today’s topic of discussion will be Jennifer Lawerence. I have waited a long time to talk about J- Law. Jennifer is my favorite Hollywood actress. For those who have no idea who she is (screw you guys xD “jk”) no need to worry. Let me introduce to you, the world famous American born Actress Jennifer Lawrence. She is the highest paid actress in the whole world, who has given some mind blowing performances in numerous films.

Let’s take you a little back in time. Jennifer was born in the year 1990 in the Indian Hills in, Kentucky. Jennifer is a born actress. She started to shape up her talents at a very young age. As a toddler, she used to perform in musicals and church plays. The young and talented girl was spotted by one of the talent scouts, who asked him to come to Los Angeles for work. With this, she took her first steps towards her acting career.

The young 14-year-old girl who took her first steps in the American entertainment and Film industry 12 years ago is now a world famous actress. Over the years she has been part of a few American TV sitcoms and several movies. Her hard work has paid off in the form of awards like the Academy awards, Oscars, Golden globe etc.

I guess this much introduction is more than enough. So coming back to the topic of discussion. ” What is the secret behind the health and fitness of Jeniffer Lawerence “. This is a very interesting topic to write upon because A)because I love her B) People all around the world admire her and want to know more about her. Every single fan of J – Law admires her stunning. and flawless looks. Jennifer has been blessed with a beautiful face and a perfect figure.
Not all of it is a gods gift. Jennifer has worked real hard to maintain her good looks. Her natural beauty is retained because of her commitment towards her health and fitness. Jeniffer goes through heavy workout routines and strict diet plans only for the sake of good health.So today we will be talking about the healthy eating habits of Jeniffer that keeps her in such a perfect shape.Jennifer diets can be described in 4 folds – Fixed calorie intake, staying healthy is the motto, consistency is the key, and beverages are important

Jennifer Lawrence Diet Plan

She hates to eat junk. So in order to replace the calorie intake she drinks sugared beverages like tea, coffee, fruit juice etc. She also drinks a lot of water to stay hydrated throughout the day which also helps her to avoid the craving for food.

The best thing about Jens diet is that she focuses on being healthy. Her workout does not focus on keeping her lean, but on the fact of keeping her healthy and fit. She is strictly against the concept of dieting. All she cares about is having a nice and healthy meal.

Jennifer focuses on having an optimized calorie intake. She has no fixed food or drinks for her meals. I guess this is the best part, as this proved her the flexibility of having anything she want.
So in order to stay fit, Jennifer eats healthy and tasty food in a fixed amount.

This is the most important point. The only reason Jennifer is in such a good shape is her consistency. Every day she sticks with her diet without any problems or complaints. She doesn’t even follow the concept of a cheat day. Jennifer is very strict when it comes to fitness.

Celebrity Surgeries

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Hey, guys ! welcome to our web page. Are you interested in some gossip? Want to know about some dark secrets of your favorite celebs?Yes..? Well, then you have come to the perfect place. I am the person who will tell you about the latest and most spicy gossips about every celeb from the entertainment industry.

Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Hold your breaths as, today we will talk about the hot, sexy, dashing Tom Cruise. I am sure you all must be dying to know his secrets. So now hold your breaths, and wait till I disclose to you that Tom Cruise is not the person you thought he is. What?? Confused ?? Well don’t be, I am talking about some major plastic surgeries that Tom has been through. So the good looking, handsome hunk is a really a result of medical surgeries. Before discussing more the surgeries, let us discuss who he is.

Tom Cruise Mapother IV well known by the name Tom Cruise is a world famous actor and producer. Tom was born in New York, the United States in the year 1962. He started his career at a young age of 19 and has given some mindblowing performances since then. His first movie Endless love was a big hit and luckily the same was true for all of his new upcoming movies. He has done a great work in movies like day and night, oblivion, the edge of tomorrow, mission impossible etc. The best part is he has even received awards for this brilliant performance. I think Tom is actually at the peak of his career right now.

People have loved him over the years. They have seen him learn and grow out to be the greatest actor the world has ever seen. But sadly Tom didn’t agree to this fact. Just like a plastic name he now has a plastic body. The threat of looking old made Tom go through this surgery. He didn’t recognize that people love him for his talent and not his face. So he decided to hide all the signs of aging and look as stunning as ever for the love of his fan.Luckily things worked out well for him Tom actually looks more stunning than ever. The 54-year-old man has a better skin than 30 year Tom cruise. So what did he do? The Buttox injection.



Using Buttox is a very common practice among aging celebs. They are scared of the signs of aging, so they decide to use a couple of buttox injections to rejuvenate their dying skin.Tom doesn’t really agree with the fact that he has undergone plastic surgery, but experts have stated that it’s true. Even I can see the changes he has gone through over the year. I am the biggest fan of Tom and so I keep track on his every single move.

Experts say Tom has gone through treatments like Buttox, fillers, laser treatments etc. Tom has a skin of a young boy without and wrinkles or dry skin. His rejuvenated skin is all smooth, shiny and glows like a diamond. I have to agree Tom looks better than ever, though it came with a cost. I mean he has spent millions of dollars over the years to maintain is look.So that’s it for today guys, I will be back soon with some more gossips and fun facts about another celeb. Till then good bye and have fun.