Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

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Tom Cruise Plastic Surgery

Hold your breaths as, today we will talk about the hot, sexy, dashing Tom Cruise. I am sure you all must be dying to know his secrets. So now hold your breaths, and wait till I disclose to you that Tom Cruise is not the person you thought he is. What?? Confused ?? Well don’t be, I am talking about some major plastic surgeries that Tom has been through. So the good looking, handsome hunk is a really a result of medical surgeries. Before discussing more the surgeries, let us discuss who he is.

Tom Cruise Mapother IV well known by the name Tom Cruise is a world famous actor and producer. Tom was born in New York, the United States in the year 1962. He started his career at a young age of 19 and has given some mindblowing performances since then. His first movie Endless love was a big hit and luckily the same was true for all of his new upcoming movies. He has done a great work in movies like day and night, oblivion, the edge of tomorrow, mission impossible etc. The best part is he has even received awards for this brilliant performance. I think Tom is actually at the peak of his career right now.

People have loved him over the years. They have seen him learn and grow out to be the greatest actor the world has ever seen. But sadly Tom didn’t agree to this fact. Just like a plastic name he now has a plastic body. The threat of looking old made Tom go through this surgery. He didn’t recognize that people love him for his talent and not his face. So he decided to hide all the signs of aging and look as stunning as ever for the love of his fan.Luckily things worked out well for him Tom actually looks more stunning than ever. The 54-year-old man has a better skin than 30 year Tom cruise. So what did he do? The Buttox injection.



Using Buttox is a very common practice among aging celebs. They are scared of the signs of aging, so they decide to use a couple of buttox injections to rejuvenate their dying skin.Tom doesn’t really agree with the fact that he has undergone plastic surgery, but experts have stated that it’s true. Even I can see the changes he has gone through over the year. I am the biggest fan of Tom and so I keep track on his every single move.

Experts say Tom has gone through treatments like Buttox, fillers, laser treatments etc. Tom has a skin of a young boy without and wrinkles or dry skin. His rejuvenated skin is all smooth, shiny and glows like a diamond. I have to agree Tom looks better than ever, though it came with a cost. I mean he has spent millions of dollars over the years to maintain is look.So that’s it for today guys, I will be back soon with some more gossips and fun facts about another celeb. Till then good bye and have fun.

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